Seven Quick Takes: What I’m Working On

Why this picture? See end of post.

These are some projects I’m currently having fun with:

  1. Editing down the transcript of a LONG interview with a friend who—well, it’s still a secret, but I guarantee you, you never read a conversion story like this before!
  2. My memoir! Who am I, you might be wondering, to be fancy-schmancy enough to merit a memoir? Nobody at all—just a person who has (so far) lived a bizarre and interesting life without being an especially bizarre or interesting person—and someone who’s learned a lot of things the hard way and is anxious to help others avoid doing the same. In fact, this blog was going to be called “Doing It The Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To),” but I was advised that an unknown person looking to break into blogdom probably oughta choose something a little more optimistic-sounding.
  3. A book review of God Through Binoculars: A Hitchhiker at a Monastery: a ” spiritual memoir and travelogue…about where you go when you have nowhere left to go. After a difficult childhood and a series of tragedies and misfortunes, author Danusha Goska finds herself without hope for the future. Supported by her passion for travel and discovery, as well as her commitment to Catholicism, Goska decides on a retreat at a remote Cistercian monastery. What results is a story about family, friends, nature, and God; the Ivory Tower and the Catholic Church. God through Binoculars is utterly naked and, at times, politically incorrect. Some readers will be shocked. Others will be thrilled and refreshed by its candor, immediacy, and intimacy. Her previous, highly-rated book, Save Send Delete, was enormously well-received, and readers will find that Goska’s ability to tell a masterful story with a powerful message continues in God through Binoculars.” At least that’s what the Amazon page says. Stay tuned!
  4. The autobiography of my mother, Marilyn Prever. There’s a short version already published as a chapter in Honey from the Rock: Sixteen Jews find the sweetness of Christ (Ignatius Press), edited by Roy Schoeman. It’s full of great stories, but my mother’s is without a doubt the most hilarious of them all. However! Only us relatives know that she wrote a longer version, which has so far only been read by those of her eight children and umpteen grandchildren old enough to take it in. But it deserves a larger audience.
  5. A blog post about how covering up wrongdoing for the sake of the reputation of a person or institution doing good work is not only wrong but will sooner or later blow up in your face and threaten to negate all the genuine good stuff you were trying to protect.
  6. Everyday Personalism: A collection of my favorite posts—or, better yet, the ones most likely to be my readers’ favorite posts—from the six years when I was blogging just about weekly for The Personalist Project.
  7. You tell me! What would you like to read about?

Thanks to Kelly Mantoan at This Ain’t the Lyceum, host of 7 Quick Takes. You can write your own Seven Quick Takes post if you like—less laborious than crafting something with a beginning, a middle, and an end—just make sure to link back to Kelly’s page here so we can all enjoy it!

This image is from a painting that my daughter-in-law, who has a gift for finding wonderful stuff,  picked out to hang in her and my son’s living room. I don’t know what the artist had in mind, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s me as a writer, accompanied by, I don’t know, all the people who’ve helped me along the way, or my Guardian Angel, or maybe God the Father Himself. I’ve decided I want to row this boat, but now that I’ve taken hold of the oars, I realize I might be needing a LOT of help.


One thought on “Seven Quick Takes: What I’m Working On

  1. I’m sure I’ll be sharing that blog post mentioned in #5. It’s a point I’ve been rather obsessive on, and not just on covering up wrongdoing but the deeper underlying impulse to seek institutional social privilege, which ultimately comes at a steep cost. I look forward to reading.


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